Brunswick County and its neighbor to the north, Wilmington, have many miles of oceanfront that touches the Atlantic Ocean. This location often features fantastic waves for surfing, bodyboarding, paddle boarding, and much more!  You can always find a good break somewhere, because the area offers beaches that face both south and east.  We do have our down time throughout the year when it is flat, but no worries, as that just opens the door to other things the area has to offer, such as off shore fishing!

The fishing is incredible here. There's no other way to put it. The gulf steam hits this area about 50 miles out and greets us with warm water all year round, in addition to an abundance of fish! Anglers will target wahoo, tuna, mackerel, grouper, marlin, sailfish, mahi, and much more depending on the time of year.  As an added bonus, the warm waters of the gulf provide another reason why the area hardly ever sees any snow.Fishing in Wilmington NC

Another popular activity, stand up paddle boarding or "SUP" as is known to many, is becoming a resident favorite. There are many different places to go paddle boarding such as; the ocean, river, barrier island bays, and ICWW.  It is a great core workout and you get to see many things you would never see in the gym.  Paddle the back side of the barrier islands and you will likely see many different types of birds, fish, and much more!  Every time you go out is a new experience! Sold on the area yet?  Check out the homes for sale if you feel Brunswick County and the surrounding area would be a good fit for your lifestyle!


Paddle Boarding in Wilmington