Waterford's Master Residential Association has been chosen as one of 5 communities in NC to receive the Community of Excellence Award 2017. Acknowledgement by the NC chapter of this international organization, Community Associations Institute (, brings with it opportunity to promote living in Waterford backed by this exemplary acclaim!  This recognition is significant as buyers want to know that the community they chose to build/live in, is financially stable, well managed and has strong capable management.  Here is some info about CAI from their website:

"CAI provides information, education, and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them.
As an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities, CAI strives to give board members, managers, and homeowners the legal and practical knowledge to help them lead and enhance responsible community living.
Successful communities and effective association management are no accident. They are made possible by the smart work -- and the hard work -- of community professionals and volunteer leaders."
    CAI strives to recognize and honor the individuals and communities whose contributions exemplify excellence. 
Needless to say, we are all thrilled and delighted to have received this award!  Attached is a picture of the award, we encourage you to utilize it in your promotions and share this information with your clients.  Please let me know if I might provide further assistance.
Thank you!
Michele Kanatous 
Waterford Marketing Team Leader